Both years of experience and our knowledge of the needs of a motorist friend for a larger payload, fuel economy and maximum safety have led us to create exclusive partnerships for Greece with the best companies in the world.

Since the very beginning of our professional career, we have focused on the quality service and distribution of excellent products. That is why we started working with the American company ALCOA® WHEELS, which ended in exclusive representation for Greece and the wider region.

MAXION WHEELS® is the world’s leading supplier of commercial vehicle iron rims. MAXION WHEELS® and its subsidiaries offer innovative technologies and high quality wheels for more than 100 years.

HAYES LEMMERZ® is the largest manufacturer of iron and aluminum rims for automotive manufacturers. It also manufactures iron rims for trucks and off-road vehicles, as well as chassis and traverse for trucks, buses, light trucks.

The merger of these two rims companies has created the world’s best supplier, with manufacturers in 13 countries and a major presence in the automotive industry.

In today’s times and amid the difficult situation in Greece, we are pleased that we can and we have products that are easy to qualify as best in the best value for money. The new air of the second generation combined with the founder’s experience leads the company with steady and steadily rising steps.

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