Alcoa® Wheels genuine accessories and cleaners are the guarantee of Alcoa® Wheels aluminum wheels you’ve chosen for your vehicle. Use these products after reading the maintenance guide and the results you will get will be impressive. Each image guides you to the product page to see all the details about it, individual instructions, packaging, etc.

If there are any queries you can contact us to solve them all!

Cleaning kit DURA-BRIGHT®

The exclusive solution for safe cleaning of DURA-BRIGHT® wheels.
Suitable even for weekly use in XBR® and EVO® technologies

Rims Cleaning Manual DuraBright® Alcoa® Wheels

Cleaning brush Al Brush 2

The brush AL Brush 2 is of high quality. Its edge is made of rubber and acts as a protective cover to protect rims during cleaning.

Cleaning Kit ALkit 3

A complete cleaning package for Alcoa® Wheels wheels including:
1 lt Alclean
1 AL Polish
1 AL Finish
1 AL Brush 2
Note: Not used on DURA-BRIGHT® finish wheels

Rims cleaning procedure manual Alcoa® Wheels


Polishing cream AL Polish

Polishing cream to restore and maintain the BRUSHED® and LvL ONE® rims
Note: Not used on DURA-BRIGHT® finish wheels

Stainless Al Cover Caps

Stainless caps lids with Alcoa® Wheels logo embossed. Available for Alcoa® Wheels M22 wheels, 32 and 33 mm.

Plastic Caps Al Cover

Chrome-plated plastic lids embossed with the Alcoa® Wheels logo. Suitable for Alcoa® Wheels M22 wheels, 32 and 33 mm.

Protection Flanges

To protect the wheel support surface from corrosion to reduce maintenance costs.

Rims nuts

The most important part for rims placement. With hexagonal head for easier screwing. The surface of the washer, once lubrication, reduces friction to a minimum.


All rims of Alcoa® Wheels (except for the 22.5 “x17” dimension) are fitted with nickel-plated valves. Nickel coating, the special T-shaped black eye in combination with the plastic washer reduces the risk of corrosion between the valve and the rims

Al Grip Pliers

A handy tool for applying and removing the nuts cover.