Alloy wheels are the element that will show the taste in every vehicle that will be placed. Aluminum wheels for us mean Alcoa® Wheels: beauty, durability, ease of maintenance! In detail, the benefits of the Alcoa® Wheels wheels are:

Reduced weight: up to 47% lighter than iron
With the transition from iron to Alcoa® Wheels Aluminum wheel, you have a reduced weight
Up to 47%, depending on the size of the rims, which allows you to:
• Increase the payload of the vehicle
• Reduce your operating expenses
• Boost your profitability

Greater iron resistance and longer life.

Forged Alcoa® Wheels Aluminum Wheels have literally greater resistance than iron.

High strength test results
The rims are placed in a press which continues to close until the rim is deformed by 5 inches. A forged Alcoa® Wheels can withstand a load of 71,200 kg before it begins to deform. The rim of an iron rim starts to deform in a load of just 13,700 kg Alcoa® Wheels wheels are 5 times more powerful!
Impact Test Results – Japanese JWL Test
Simulates a vehicle that hits a high curb at a speed of 50 km / h. A 910kg weight falls on the tire and rim assembly.
• The iron wheels have extensive crown distortion and air loss
• Alloy alloy wheels are broken
• Alcoa® Wheels wheels also pass this test!
All this translates into fewer shutdowns of your fleet vehicles. Alcoa® Wheels Aluminum Wrought Alloy Wheels are in operation for more than 20 years or more.


Economy on fuels
The choice of forged aluminum wheels offers clear advantages. Not only for fleets of vehicles and manufacturers, but also for cities, municipalities, citizens, taxpayers and, most importantly, for the environment. Alcoa® Wheels Aluminum Wrought Wheels are mounted on a number of hybrid buses. The basic parameters are systematically measured and compared with those of the coaches fitted with iron rims. Over a period of 6 to 7 months, hybrid buses show fuel savings of over 1%. This means further cost reductions and a contribution to a cleaner environment.

Reduction of CO₂ emissions

Alcoa® Wheels Aluminum Wrought Wheels greatly reduce the carbon footprint of commercial vehicles:
• Replacing 12 iron wheels with aluminum wheels, reduces CO₂ emissions by 13.3 metric tons over the lifetime of rims (1.5 million kilometers)
• Alcoa® Wheels wheels feature Cradle to CradleCM certification, confirming that this is
Products that are safe and compatible with the environment.
Tire performance

Alcoa® Wheels wheels are forged and machined entirely by CNC machine tools. They have improved road behavior and exhibit better tire wear compared to pressed and welded steel wheels. Thus, rolling resistance is also supported.

And not only that! Aluminum is 3 times more conductive than the iron and is the choice of laptop heat sinks and refrigerator vanes in cars and trucks as it helps to remove heat. Heat is the most important enemy in terms of tire life, brake performance, and longevit.


Aluminum rims are available in 3 finishes:

Dura-Bright®, Level One® and Brushed:

Alcoa® Wheels wheels are available with Dura-Bright® EVO finish (patented surface treatment), keeping their gloss for several years without the need for polishing. Maintenance is extremely easy thanks to the enhanced protection of the specially treated aluminum surface. Dura-Bright® EVO wheels can withstand cleaning chemicals with a pH of 2 to 12. Dura-Bright® is not a coating but a surface treatment that penetrates the aluminum and is incorporated into the rim. It does not wear out like conventional coatings (eg cracks, peeling or corrosion).
Dura-Bright® treatment is available in almost all Alcoa® Wheels wheels dimensions. For more information, please refer to the Alcoa Wheels specification sheet, available for download at our website


For more information you can visit her official website Alcoa® Wheels


Arconic’s advanced LVL ONE® processing technology delivers excellent finishing results. LvL ONE® has a smoother and more glossy surface than the Brushed finish, but requires the same maintenance procedure. If the polished surface is desired, polishing is required. However, the rim is outstanding and has the same advantages as the other Alcoa® Wheels finishes.


Τhe Brushed of Alcoa® Wheels is a basic finish. Brushed finish wheels are widely used in large vehicle fleets, where trailer rotation is frequent. Alcoa® Wheels Brushed wheels do not rust and do not need to be repaired.